Saichethan Reddy

I am a Sophomore year computer science undergrad at IIIT BH, I am passionate about learning and developing Autonomous vehicle systems and Intelligent systems. My experiences includes in Frontend and Data Analysis. I want to continue pursuing Data Science. I love to find answers to all the questions I have and that makes me Happy!
and Open Source contributor.

Data Science Scholarship

After succesfully completing challenge course and assesment got selected for second phase and placed into the Business Analyst Nanodegree.

Google India Challenge Scholarship

Google India Challenge Scholarship for the Front-End Web Developer track and Earned follow up Nanodegree after successfully completing challenge course.

Bertelsmann Data Science Scholarship Program

The scholarship program consists of 15,000 seats for the Challenge Course "Intro to Descriptive Statistics", as well as 1,500 seats (the top 10% of all 15,000 scholarship recipients) for one full Udacity Nanodegree program. The top 10% scholarship recipients will be allocated one of three Nanodegree programs: "Data Foundations", "Business Analyst" and "Data Analyst".


These are some featured projects which I have been working along side my academics.